Abstract views, PDF views and Download Stats Made Public 😶

It’s not that there isn’t a solution - it is that this solution isn’t just copy-and-paste. To maintain local code changes you should have someone who is familiar with PHP and Smarty who can help you out. Someone with some basic PHP skills should be able to make this change for you.

To be honest I do not want to make too much changes that it will be overwrite with first update. It is requirement of LOCKSS, DOAJ and others that need the METADATA, with no budget we are trying to learn and make best of it. I think DOAJ application require to have this counter. This could be a check box in the setting or a plugin only.

As public university in Kurdistan Region in Iraq we have had our journal on Google Apps for the last 5 years with no issue, but there was no custom METADATA in Google Site. There are not many Open Source IT admins in this region so as Editorial of the journal we try to have stable solution and get on with main issues.


Hi, probably I am missing something (in this case I apologize) but DOAJ doesn’t have such a requirement: it asks only whether a journal provides article download statistics and that is not a requirement.

Perhaps you should check the ALM Plugin (in Generic Plugins) because it provides download statistics in every article page (both abstract page and pdf page) and that is enough to answer “yes” to the question n.30 of DOAJ’s application form.

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I do not see any ALM Plugin on my Generic Plugin list

what is your version of OJS?
I’m pretty sure ALM Plugin is there at least since 2.4.5 but I have no idea (don’t remember) of previous releases

Our version is PJS 2.4.8 and I do not such such Plugin, is that the actual name should be on the list?

Here they claim the same

Yes, that is the plugin, you should try to install it and check whether it works for you

I followed this instruction, and place it in plugins/generic/almpplugin and now I can see it on the list

but when I click setting, I get error of not found, I think it need extra installation, Will be kind to let me know how it is installed?

I used this code but is seams that number is frozen and does not really counts. I tried from different IP as well, what can be wrong please?


Note that there will be a delay in converting click into usage statistics:

If the usage statistics truly are not being counted at all, you may not have acron or cron configured to process new statistics, or you may be encountering a bug which prevents processing prior to 2.4.8:

I have installed this, and it is on my Plugin list but when I click on
setting I get server error 500, I followed the instruction to install it. I
am not sure what might be the problem,

Here is the log report

AH01071: Got error ‘PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method AlmPlugin::getRequest() in /var/www/vhosts/koyauniversity.org/aro.koyauniversity.org/plugins/generic/almplugin/AlmPlugin.inc.php on line 104\n’, referer: http://aro.koyauniversity.org/manager/plugins/generic

I have followed the changes for 3 weeks now. Those numbers never changed. I
tried from different IP and different locations but the results is still
the same. I check I have both Plugins enabled. please see the attached

Are you still at version 2.4.7? You may be running into this bug from the previously mentioned thread:

This is from my system Info page

CURRENT VERSION (April 25, 2016 - 01:40 AM)

Latest version: (February 5, 2016)
Your system is up-to-date

I tried to install it as a New Plugin thinking it might solve the issue but when select the file and run I get error

The tar command is not available. Please correctly configure it in your “config.inc.php”.

I check the tar = /bin/tar is there and the command is in the folder on my dedicated server.

The check for the tar command is as simple as a !empty() and file_exists(), so this message may mean that you have another restriction, such as open_basedir() or similar.

You really shouldn’t need to “reinstall” a core plugin, however. At least, assuming the OJS install itself was successful. Can you verify your installation against a clean download of 2.4.8? Did you upgrade via the “Full Package” option?

Are you getting periodic emails from Acron processing your Usage Statistics Loader?

This is a clean installation. We just started using OJS 2.4.8 for our
journal. We are on a dedicated server Debian 8.5 with Plesk 12.5

Are you getting periodic emails regarding your Usage Statistics Loader process?

Are the statistics not changing just on the Article page where you added the custom code, or not changing in the OJS custom reports and COUNTER reports as well?

If you mean the notification page, yes we get all activity notification,

I am not sure what I should look for in

Home > User > Journal Manager > Stats & Reports > COUNTER Reports

The Statistic & Report gives me some CSV files

Timed Views Report
Articles Report
Subscriptions Report
View Report
Review Report
OJS usage statistics report

I ran a custom report on Article Abstact Viewed for July and the CSV file is empty, I guess this answer your question that nothing is recorded

With the default install of OJS 2.4.8, the Acron plugin should be regularly running the scheduledTasksAutoStage XML. This will convert your log files into metrics. The log files are in your files_dir, under “usageStats/usageEventLogs”. These will be moved from the “usageEventLogs” folder to the “stage” folder, and then moved one by one through the “processing” folder to either the “archive” (on success) or the “reject” (on failure) folders. A log of the processing is recorded in the files_dir under the “scheduledTaskLogs” folder. In the event of an error (or regardless, depending on the your setting of scheduled_tasks_report_error_only) an email will be send to the Site’s principal contact describing reporting on the scheduled task run.

Check your “scheduledTaskLogs” (particularly Usagestatisticsfileloadertask-*) and the status of the directories under “usageStats” for an idea of where the process is breaking down.

I have checked those folders, They are all there and it seams to have recent activities, In the latest (Usagestatisticsfileloadertask) says below, I am not sure what it means.

[2016-07-29 00:04:46] [Notice] Task process started.
[2016-07-29 00:04:47] [Notice] File /var/www/vhosts/koyauniversity.org/aro_ojs_files/usageStats/processing/usage_events_20160728.log was processed and archived.
[2016-07-29 00:04:47] [Notice] Task process stopped.

and I have added some screenshots, I am not sure if it helps. Would it be possible for you to check, if I give you access please?