About UI/UX... some links to get inspired

This post was originally published as is in the list of the “pkp tech cmte” but we thought it was a discussion that need to be taken open with contribution of the wole community.

If you got stuck in my poor English and the informal writing style, just think in how important is the surrounding question is “how new OxS tools should bee from a user interface and user experience perspective”? :wink:

Feel free to comment:

Dear fellows (and specially Kevin and Alec),

It’s not a secret… I’m a big fan of codrops.

I love Mary Lou’s work and in interface design I think they are creating stuff a few years forward anybody.

And this it’s a fact. Two years ago I share with you a link to their work that IMHO could be the a wonderful clean and clear inspiration for OJS:

Today, this frontend (without flip-page transition, that is cool at the begining but after 10 times it’s annoying) is still very close to my ideal UI/UX for OJS and very near in philosophy to the approach seen in lens http://lens.elifesciences.org/06351.

This is why I feel confident to share a new link that I think could be a good inspiration for OMP:

Again, IMHO, they created a clean interface where technology is not intrusive… is there to do useful stuff and create an very pleasant web experience.

And after this I follow “digging” (probably procrastination it’s the word) and I found some resources that I think could be also useful for UI/UX team.

Yes, I know most of this effects are not crossbrowser or not accessible or responsive ready. I just suggest them as ideas to evaluate and not as simple “snippets”:

Vertical Icon Menu in combination with former link?

Article Intro Effects for a dynamic header

About Tabs to help with tab issues

Caption hover effects:

Modals they could be cool:

About menus with a few more UI/UX experiments

Transitions my rule for this is “a transtion is working fine if a regular user don’t notice is there”:

Take care,

Hi @marc, lots of fun experiments there! You might also like CodyHouse.

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Jumping from Coodrops I landed sometimes in CodyHouse.

I like a lot this proposal: http://codyhouse.co/gem/2-blocks-template

It’s in my “if I find time” list for my next OJS theme… and it will be my opportunity to dig into bootstrap). :wink:

Thanks to comment @NateWr.



Modal gallery:

Why modals are not cool:


How to Overlay:

At this point it’s pretty obvious what I think about modals, so let’s say it in plain English:

How to implement a modal that don’t sucks (too much) :wink:

Izimodal: Elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight modal plugin with jQuery.
URL: http://izimodal.marcelodolce.com