A way to perform review online


I am thinking about a possibility to perform submissions review online. Exploring it a bit more:

  • the author puts the manuscript document (Word or PDF) to the OJS
  • instead of reviewers downloading document and reviewing (editing?) it locally on computer I am thinking of doing it online (in a cloud or so)

I have heard such ideas many times and believe that would be easier for reviewers. Do you have any idea how that would be possible?

Regards, Primož

PS: The question is generic, but can be considered for OJS 3 only if that helps.

Many journals are already following this way.

Hi @Joseph_Bell,

Thank you for letting me know about it is possible. Can you share with me how to implement it?

Best regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,

We’re exploring a few ways to accomplish this. The biggest problem is the editing/authoring tool (Google Docs, Fiduswriter, Substance/Texture, TinyMCE, etc., or commenting/annotation tool like Hypothes.is) – choosing one will have major implications for all aspects of your workflow, as each has its own business model, data model, API, etc. Have you considered an environment?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Have a look on cureus journal. They have everything online. Whenever you have to submit, the author has to go on the net, copy laste the entire article on the site (as per the type of article which is divided in abstract keywords, introduction, case report, method, discussion, conclusion etc.) also the author have to copy the references which is automatically checked by their system and if it is not correct, then the authors can manually edit it. Refernce has title, names of authors, journal name, dates, voume, doi, url etc… also the reviewers can comment online and authors have to reply online. Once the editor accepts it, the article is automatically published in pdf formats without any manual work.

Hi @varshilmehta,

Thank you for the suggestion. I have checked the cureus journal, but I am not sure if I understand it. As I got it that is not OJS, but something different, right? I am looking to implement online review in OJS.

Regards, Primož

Our reviewers and authors certainly wouldn’t want to use something different than Microsoft Word. Especially those who are not young aged. Moreover, Word or Google Docs can give much higher possibilities for editing the content than any other tool. For example, we use a free plugin to Google Docs that helps us editing text in the Ukrainian language.