Your Website with Mason Publishing Group Theme for OJS 2

First, a big “Thank you!” to Carleton University Libraries (CMIIW) for creating the “MPG” OJS theme.

This is what we’ve done in our journal with your theme:

Some of them are:

Putting font awesome into the theme
Article view counts, and
Piwik statistic

Anybody willing to share theirs with this theme?

Again, thanks!

Hi Ikhwan_Arief

Could you please give me this theme?

Hi @Journalist, it is not mine. :slight_smile:

I got it here:

AFAIK it is free.

Thank you

Is there OJS 3 version?

I am not sure, sorry. AFAIK it is OJS 2’s. Perhaps @asmecher can answer your question.

Hi @Journalist,

OJS 3.x has a completely rewritten front end that’s already modern and responsive by design, so major redesigns in themes such as the MPG theme shouldn’t be necessary in OJS 3.x. Themes for OJS 2.x aren’t compatible with OJS 3.x.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello @Ikhwan_Arief,

Just came across this, it’s actually a theme designed by my former colleague @jerielizabeth here at George Mason University in Virginia, USA.

All best,

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Hi @akierig, thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi @Ikhwan_Arief, what is the source of your statistics plugin? I think it’s very nice and useful info. Thanks.

Hi @sergiobm, there are several statistics on the website. Which one do you want to know? please give the screenshot.

Hi @Ikhwan_Arief

  1. the one below each article that says : “This article has been read XXX times.”
  2. the section " Statistics and Traffics" at home page
  3. the ones you published here: Stats and Traffics

Are you using more than 1 plugin?