Your experiences, issues and/or any advice on migrating multiple journals from OJS2 to OJS3

Hi everyone,

We are planning to make the move from OJS to OJS 3 and would like to know what your experiences were during this process. We would like to hear your experiences and any issues you encountered that you would like to share

Any feedback would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hi @kendellpowell,

I would suggest taking a complete backup (including the installation directory, the database, and your files directory) and giving it a try in a different location. There are a few common hang-ups that we’re refining for later releases, and I’d be happy to help identify the work-arounds if you encounter them. They’re often related to e.g. bad data in older OJS 2.x installations.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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As @asmecher says, please don’t forget to backup all your application and database data.
I forgot it and it was a problem to solve PDF viewer issues, fortunately I could code a temporary fix while we up new OJS3 version.

On the other hand, if you have code experience, I suggest make custom themes, because you can make all changes that you want but if you have any issue you can return to default theme until you solve it.


Cristhian Rey

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We did several test upgrades first in a separate server. After each upgrade I invited the editors from the journals to check if any data was missing. We did our upgrade with 3.0.1 and had loads of problems, but I think that 3.0.2 is a lot better in this regard. Even with the test upgrades it turned out that the editors had missed some missing data and it was very difficult to fix these problems after the upgrade.

So, do backups and do tests and get feedback. It would probably be a good idea to give a “check list” for the editors.

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Thank you for your advice, Alec!

Great advice, thank you!

Thank you Cristhian!