"You must agree to the terms of the privacy statement" Cant be seen on Registration page

Hello, I am not able to see any check boxes to agree to the terms of privacy statement, I m using OJS and bootstrap theme.

@NateWr @asmecher it was working fine till I upgraded today to the latest version

Hi @adilhk
Its working fine, I am already using on production site since it released. You might need to delete cookies/cached file of your browser.

Thanks for the reply already did that, I m not able to see it, can you please check it out at


It might be theme specific issue, you may check by setting to default theme if its working or not. If its working in default theme, the theme used by you might need to fix

Do you know how to turn if off, just like it wasnt there before n didnt required to be marked checked.

I’ve just released v1.1.3 of the Bootstrap3 theme which is compatible with OJS 3.1.1-1. When upgrading, I’d encourage you to check the compatibility list to ensure you have a compatible version of the theme:


Thank you so much for the update, its working perfectly fine now. Will be careful next time :sunglasses:

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Hi. I am using the oldGregg theme (bootstrap 4) and I have the same problem. Does anyone has any idea to fix it?

Hi @akbar_mostafavi,
I did have the same problem where new users could not register an account.

There is an issue in the GitHub repo of the oldGregg theme where an user has suggested a chunk of codes to be pasted in some template if you can do it on you own. @vitaliy seems to be busy these days. I hope he will update the theme once he is free.

In a day or two, I may do the modification and send a merge request.

Best regards

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This patch solves the issue? fix registration page · Vitaliy-1/oldGregg@e312acd · GitHub

In my free of work time I’m preparing huge update to the JATS Parser, which consequently will migrate to Old Gregg theme, but then planning to return to the latter, change some styling for article landing page and update to support latest OJS changes.

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