You don’t currently have access to that stage of the workflow

When I tries to publish an article, I get a “You don’t currently have access to that stage of the workflow.” error.

Please tell us what happens and what you expected to happen.

Hi @Fawad_Ahmad,

Many users have encountered that message before, you may wish to browse some of the other posts on this issue and try what is suggested in some of these posts:"You%20don't%20currently%20have%20access%20to%20that%20stage%20of%20the%20workflow"%20order%3Alatest

In particular, these ones may be applicable:

If some of these solutions discussed don’t provide any answers, perhaps you could also check your PHP error log (and you’ll want to indicate your specific OJS version [e.g. 3.3.0-13])

PKP Team

Thanks for your support, i have check many posts, but unable to resolve this issue. I have check rights of user but i give these rights to user

but still when want to publish a issue, then showing this alert

Hi @Fawad_Ahmad,

Thanks for clarifying. As a next step, perhaps check your users and roles settings:

PKP Team

Thanks For your support
As you can see in attachment that i have shared of user rights, user has journal editor, production editor.
is there any right missing ?
as i have check about rights of user. but still getting this alert

i am waiting for your response, to resolve this issue.

Was the submission uploaded with QuickSubmit?
If yes, check please if an editor has been assigned to the submission in the Workflow - Tab Submission, Button Assign Participant.