XML in your demojournal

I’ve just admired your demo-journal with articles in PDF and XML. I’ve never seen that before. Are you about to release a kind of XML generator for the OJS? And another question: Can we forget about ePub and just bank on XML?
Best regards
Niels Erik

It sounds like you would be interested in following PKP’s work with XML (typesetting and conversion). This is a recurring theme at our development sprints, with the next one scheduled for October 2nd and 3rd.

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I hope it soon will be officially declared to be out of (or in) beta.
Will I then be able to publish the xml file as I publish the pdf file today, and it will act as the xml link in your demo-journal?

Hi Niels Erik,

OJS 3.0 ships with the Lens Viewer (GitHub - elifesciences/lens: A novel way of seeing content), which provides a nice, interactive interface for natively rendering and navigating JATS (National Library of Medicine) XML, without needing to worry about HTML transformations.

Additionally, we’re continuing to improve our Open Typesetting Stack, which automates the transformation of Word or PDF articles to JATS format (and also generates a new HTML, PDF, and ePub layout from that JATS) – there’s a demo instance available at http://pkp-xml-demo.lib.sfu.ca/ and an OJS 3 plugin coming soon.