XML import - is there a way to import files in other than NativeXML format?

I have a lot of articles hosted on Zenodo and want to import them in the new website based on OJS I have found only plugin allowing import of metadata in NativeXML format, however Zenodo does not support it. There is possibility to export data from Zenodo in Dublin Core, Data Cite XML, and MARCXML. So question is - how can I imoprt my data in these formats to OJS or how can I convert it to Native XML?

Thanks for any suggestions!

This would involve mapping the elements from one of these available exports to the OJS Native XML schema. You could use XSLT to perform the conversion.

Not having any familiarity with Zenodo, and just based on the standards you mention, I would suspect that the DataCite XML might be a plausible source for the conversion. Dublin Core will likely be a bit too loose, and MARC a bit too obtuse.

Feel free to post samples here to solicit advice from the community if you want to generate an XSL conversion stylesheet. It might be helpful to others.