Wrong with the administration system, plz help me

Describe the issue or problem

  1. i cannot login with microsoft edge, even the account name and password is right.
  2. i can login with firefox, however, after login, any click in the administration system will lead to logout.
  3. when i login again, it appears “The current role does not have access to this operation.”


  1. any click on left menu will lead to logout again. so i cannot work with the administration system.

why ??
how to fix it.??

What application are you using?

This post describes a problem and a solution. (It took me some time to diagnose the problem and find the solution, so I hope others will benefit from this post.)

hi all, now i can login to administration system in Firefox, and everything works properly.
it is resolved by set the “session_check_ip” option in config.inc.php to “Off”.

however, i cannot still login in Microsoft Edge. why???

It might be that the browser still stored an old session cookie, which might be the reason for the conflict. First log out of OJS, then clear the browsers cookie and cache storage for the domain(s) served by OJS.

I’m not sure whether it’s a good idea to set session_check_ip to Off. According to config.inc.php:

; This check will invalidate a session if the user’s IP address changes.
; Enabling this option provides some amount of additional security, but may
; cause problems for users behind a proxy farm (e.g., AOL).

thank you so much.

it succeed by clearing the cookie of the browser. now i can login in Microsoft Edge.