Wrong Title on front page of Multi Journal Website

In my template file I have the code:
{* Add the journal name to the end of page titles *}
{if $requestedPage|escape|default:“index” != ‘index’ && $currentContext && $currentContext->getLocalizedName()}
| {$currentContext->getLocalizedName()}
I did not change this code. It is the standard code that comes with OJS 3.0.2 in the headerHead.tpl file.
On the front page of my multi journal website the title of the webpage is “Open Journal System” even though I have the Site Name set as “Data Science Journals”.

Any help is appreciated.

FYI: All other page titles work fine.


The issue is discussed here: https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/issues/2291 (see also the forum posts linked there).

I remember chancing this in our site template in January and agree that the title should include the name of the site and not the name of the software.

I was able to follow the links and fix the problem in an ad hoc way. I edited the file
locale/en_US/locale.xml to change
Open Journals System
Something Else.

I am wondering why this issue wasn’t fixed in the release 3.0.2.
This is a file that I have to change that is not part of my plugins.
I have taken a lot of time to understand plugins (themes and blocks).

Will it be fixed in the next release of OJS?