Wrong images path after upgrading to OJS 3.3.0-5


I have upgraded from to 3.3.0-5 and using the default theme. I am facing the issue that homepage image and issue cover images are not visible. Instead, only an icon of a missing image is there. I have checked the page and noticed that there is wrong URL to the images:

  • instead of <base URL>/public/journals/1/cover_issue_74_sl_SI.jpg
  • there is <base URL>//journals/1/cover_issue_74_sl_SI.jpg

So the /public/ in the URL is missing. As said I noticed that for hompage image as well as issue cover images. The images are there on the filesystem and permissions are OK, just the URLs in the UI are wrong.

I haven’t noticed anything wrong during the upgrade.

Any idea what went/is wrong?

Best regards, Primož

Hi Primož,

Out of curiosity, is the public_dir config parameter still set correctly in your config.inc.php file? It should be set to “public” and not commented out.



Hi @jnugent,

Good one, thank you!

During merging the configs I made a mistake and there were twice public_dir and no public_files_dir settings :slight_smile:

Works as magic now.

Regards, Primož