Wrong Email sender

Hello, we are using OJS
When system sending emails to users, in From Field have some hosting email version, like our_hosting_username@name-server.com
How to change it to some real email like my-email@my-ojs-domain.com or similar?
Thank you

Hi @komir

There is a setting in your config.inc.php file that lets you override the envelope sender. Just search for
“envelope” and you’ll find it.

Bear in mind that if you use this feature, you may need to add some information to your domain’s DNS record allowing your server to send mail. Search the forum for “SPF” and you’ll find lots of info.


Hello #jnugent
Is this ok

or need to do something more?
When sending emails still have our_hosting_username@name-server.com as a sender

Hi komir,

Yes, just read a little further in the configuration file. The next directive is also important.


allow_enevelope_sender = On
default_envelope_sender = from@komir.com

delete ;