Workflow to (Ideally Automatically) Publish Articles in Multiple Formats

I work in a private university and we have several journals, all using OJS

In order to be indexed in a certain database we are being asked to publish our articles in multiple formats. Up to this point we have only been publishing in PDF. Our IT specialist has just gone through a manual process to convert the articles of the most recent issue of one of our journals into HTML format, but it is a somewhat time consuming process and since we have several journals the goal would be something at least partially if not fully automatic.

I wanted to ask the community here to see if there are any workflow ideas or advice that you could share. Perhaps a plug in for OJS or if not then perhaps some open source software that could make the process from Word into multiple formats (at least PDF and HTML, and if there are even more, even better) as smooth as possible.

Hi @Michael_White

Can’t say anything about OJS 2+, but for OJS 3.1 there are several tools that can be helpful, as well as third-party software. For example, see: Who is who in JATS? (2018)

Note: OJS 2+ can be upgraded to OJS 3+

Hello Michael,
I am not a real expert, but we have been using an external supplier to generate html and xml. We found this option cost-competitive and reliable, as it does require time and expertise to generate good contents.
My experience with OJS (3.1.1) is still limited, but I find the publication of html contents good and easy, provided you have a well structured html file.
I hope this helps you a little…