Wordpress plugin

it is possible to add a wordpress plugin to Ojs 3.1.X Since i want to add an image carousel slider plugin that i download from wordpress and i want to add it to OJS …Is it possible ?

Hi Carlos,

Not without extensive code modification. You’d be better off creating one natively, since the Wordpress plugin will rely on the Wordpress codebase and probably make extensive use of Wordpress functions that would not be in OJS.


can you show any tutorial or step by step guideline of how to add a slider look I want to add into the custom block manager i tried with boostrap carousel i cant manage rendering the width of the slider I will show my journal i am working local i cant adjust the width dont know how to do itSin%20t%C3%ADtulo

I am not aware of a tutorial for that, although I suspect that the makers of the carousel have pretty good integration tutorials, and of course there is always Stack Overflow for CSS or JS questions.