Why reviewers do not see their own reviews from earlier review rounds?

Dear All,

we use OJS Many of our reviewers have complained about that they cannot see their earlier reviews when they are asked to do another round, and also they cannot see the reviews of the other reviewers, which usually are available so that they can understand better the changes of the authors. I think this would be very important to change. Strangely, after the reviews are done they can see the reviews for the “closed” articles.

Do you plan to change this behavior in the near future?

Thanks in advance,

I would like to know if this issue has been resolved? We also have a lot of problems because reviewers cannot see their initial review when asked to participate in round 2. We have had to resort to copying and pasting the review (that the editor can see) into a document and then forwarding that to the reviewer.

One solution could be to have an option to send the reviewer a copy of their review by email when they submit it?