Why is the colour picker shown in it's most basic form?

Dear all,

working with OJS 3 I wondered why the colour picker is shown in the most basic form. The basic form seems ok when you don’t have a concrete colour in mind. But when you want to enter a specific colour it’s more or less pure luck to enter this colour.

Looking at the docs from the colour picker I saw that you could show the rgb hex values for the colours. As far as I can see most people (who are able to install an configure a system like OJS) are familiar with colours in rgb hex. Therefore I think it would be easier for the most people to set the colour the hex values.

Or is it the intended way to set the header colour by CSS, when the picker is not exact enough for your needs?

Probably just a casualty of this going in last minute. Would you file a GitHub issue requesting this?


Just added the issue.

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