Who of you can help me finishing the OJS installation

We run a school in Suriname for academic education in cooperation with the Dutch Open University. We strive to stimulate our students and graduates to publish their scientific work and will help them to do it in the proper academic way. The link is www.bloomentuin.academy ( bloom after Benjamin Bloom, btw)
So we installed OJS on our server, but we aren’t very skilled in the technical steps to complete this installation.
So far we manage to import all the files on the server, but now there are some issues we have to solve.
In the first place we have chosen a certain domainname, but that is not the one we like to use for public presentation. We call our journal “Journal of academic and scientific work from Suriname” and we divide our journal in some topics, such as: Sustainable Agriculural Developments, Occupational Safety and Health, Corporate Governance and Sustainability and some more topics.

My first question is, how to add the name of the journal (maybe we have to change the name, but I think you understand my question) ? But first, what is the meaning of the first lines , following this link: http://www.bloomentuinpubsuriname.com/index.php/index/install To me it seems somehting has gone wrong.
My next question is how to make the files writeable, as mentioned in the first pre-installation steps. Can I do that directly on the server? The second step is easy and I have to fill in my own login stuff.
Then the way to upload files. You suggest not to use a map on the server, but to install that on a local PC. But what is the meaning of the path in the box below this suggestion?
Then please some more explanation of the data for the database driver.
And can I use the OAI settings, as you mentioned in the link osj2.www.bloom,?

I hope you will give me some support in finishing the installtion, so we can go to the real goal and that is the content of our new open journal.

My kind regards,

Bert Schreuders AC,CT/HRDC, PhD candidate

Is someone in this community familiair with the initial installation of OJS? And if so willing to help me step over the first blocking thresholds I experience? We are very enthousiastic to start our own open journal, but are not technically skilled to finish the last steps. I think most of you here in the community has this experience before and want to share it with us, the Original meaning of the Open Journal thoughts, I suppose?
Thanks a lot and waiting for the first kind reactions.

Bert Schreuders

Hi I can not promise you that I will have the time to guide you all the way through, but to get you started your first question is probably about these lines:
Deprecated: Non-static method Application::getName() should not be called statically in /home/u25507p23376/domains/bloomentuinpubsuriname.com/public_html/lib/pkp/classes/install/form/InstallForm.inc.php on line 146

Those are errors coming from PHP. You should direct the errors to an error_log and probably a good idea is to turn of those deprecated and strict standard errors of altogether. How this is done on your webserver depends on the service provider. Some instructions are available here https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/php-troubleshooting/troubleshoot-php-errors but you should ask your service provider.

Question 2, depending on the server settings, changes are that the files are already writable. Most likely they are because you are not getting any cache related errors there.

I am not sure what you mean with “map”?

For the database you need a mysql username and password. If you have access to a cpanel or similar you can usually create the mysql user there. The database server address depends on your server settings, most likely it is localhost.

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Thank you so much Antti-Jussie Nygard,

I will look tomorrow to you recommandations and will also ask my technical ICT guys to install the error log and the mysql database. I have indeed entrance to a cpanel and will try to make a database.

My apologizes for the word “map”. That is the Dutch name for folder-:blush:

As you have read between the lines we support colleagues here in Suriname, a country that has not many means to produce scientific work. But to develop this Caribean country, we founded our school here in Paramaribo, in cooperation with the Dutch Open University.

Nice to have a response from you.

Kind regards,

Bert Schreuders

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Finally the software has been installed. Just now I can do lay out matters and as I see, more time will be needed to present a proper website, including the journals we wish to publish.
Hopely members of this forum can support me if we meet problems.

Thanks and regards.