Where to post software bugs?

Where do we log software bugs?

We finally managed to get the upgrade to work last night however in running through a test case where our Journal Editor is also acting in multiple roles, it seems that if the Editor includes themselves as a peer reviewer, the peer reviewer status overrides the Journal Editor permissions and the JE cannot get back into the submission in order to complete the rest of the process.

Also, when approving a submission to go from review to copyediting, the submissions do not appear in the dialogue box as to which submission you want to move to the next step. This works fine when going from Submission to review or copy editing to production but not when going from review to copyediting.

So two questions: 1) Has anyone else seen this behaviour and is this something we did incorrectly? and 2) if this is a bug in the code ( then how do we file a bug report to get it fixed?

Hi @Kevin_Feenan,

If you’re not sure where to post, then this forum is the best place; if something turns out to be a bug, we can then open an issue for it in github issues. If you’re sure it’s a bug, and don’t already see it listed, you can create an issue there yourself.

The situation where a user is assigned both as editor and reviewer has been improved with the recent OJS 3.1.1 release – see Authored submission cannot be easily accessed via Editor role · Issue #3130 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub for details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

K - we’ll look at applying the next patch in our test environment and see if it reoccurs.