Where to find the Vue.js files in the structure of OJS 3.1?

I am looking for the Vue.js files in the folder structure of OJS3,1 so as to modify some files. I find them on Github, under lib/ui-library, but this is not present in the tar.gz on download.

Where do I find these?



Hi Stephen,

Our Vue.js components require a compiling step and our distribution packages only include the compiled files. If you want to make modifications, you’ll need to build these files yourself from the repository.

If you follow the steps for getting OJS running from the master branch of GitHub, you’ll find the PKP UI Library under lib/ui-library. The source files are in there, and you can rebuild your JS package by running the following command from your OJS directory:

npm run build

If you’re making changes, it’s often best to run the following command, which will rebuild the files for you every time they change:

npm run dev

But for production you’ll want to using npm run build, as this will build an optimized package for you.

Also, the UI Library repository is itself a small development app, where you can test out changes. When you run npm run dev from the UI Library directory, it will load up a small app where you can test things out, and it gives you live reload. It’s often faster to make and test changes there.

Hey, I am trying to add the university name on the add reviewer. I found your solution
but it requires downloading the whole project from Github and recompile everything for the Vue js, is there a way that I can do it without following the previous steps as I downloaded the prebuilt package.

Hi @NoorShomal, you will need to rebuild the JS package from source.

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