Where is the newest OCS Version?


I found for a small family event your OCS Application. Now I want to know, where is the actual version to download? I have seen a download link for 2.3.6 (Current stable from May 28, 2014) - but in some questions i see, that patches and fixes are since this date is implementet. Where is that version found?

Thanks for your response

Hi @MyKey0815,

OCS 2.3.6 is currently the most recent release; fixes to OCS in the last couple of years have been limited as we focus on releasing OMP 1.2 and OJS 3.0, which are major rewrites and have kept us quite busy. If you’d like access to the fixes and changes that haven’t yet been released, I’d suggest trying git; the ocs-dev-2_3 branch contains those fixes.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


I’m setting up a conference for 2017 (rego will open in a months time). I have checked out the ocs git repo and had a quick look at the ocs-dev branch. Lots of changes that are small but do you have a build system that checks that things aren’t broken? How risky is it to use this version?

Any idea on when a stable release would be made? .


Hi @MikeL,

I wouldn’t suggest using the ocs-dev-2_3 branch in production. I’d suggest the ocs-stable-2_3_6 branch, and if you find you need things that are in ocs-dev-2_3, you can cherry-pick them in.

We don’t yet have specific plans for another release of OCS.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks Alec, am on 2.3.6 at present and will keep at that.