Where does the DOAJ OJS plugin get the metadata?

Hi everyone !

I work for a shared journal publishing platform, which runs on OJS software ( and we could like to import the metadata of our journals’ articles into DOAJ.

Some of our journals already have retrieved their API keys and activated the DOAJ OJS export plugin. However, we are not sure all metadata imports correctly. We would like to fix this, but need additional infomation to identify the source. Where does the OJS plugin get the metadata ? In the HTML ? Does it follow the DOAJ XML schema or the Crossref XML schema ?

Thank you for your answers.

Hi @mbraud,

Thanks for your post. @Dominic_Mitchell - would you be able to speak to this?

PKP Team

Hi @mbraud and @rcgillis

I can’t tell you how the OJS plugin works. I think you are best to do that, Roger? If you suspect that not all your content is being pulled into the XML extract, PKP will need to help you there.

However, I can tell you, Marion, that DOAJ accepted either DOAJ or Crossref XML. You will find all the information that you need in your Publisher Dashboard: https://doaj.org/publisher/

If you suspect that the content isn’t importing correctly, I will need more information:

  • what error message are you seeing in your upload area? (Please send a screenshot of the exact error, with any links expanded, to helpdesk@doaj.org.)
  • is any of the content importing at all?
  • which ISSNs?

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Hello to both of you. Thank you for your answers.

Actually, we generate an XML thanks to our own conversion module and for one of our journals, it is not generated correctly. However, it seems metadata are correct in the DOAJ, so we were wondering if DOAJ’s metadata were coming from the XML or the HTML. We suspected that because of some titles which conserve the HTML style, such as the tags for italics.
Another option is that OJS generates its own XML directly sent to the DOAJ. In this case, the only problem concerns the way this journal uses our conversion module.


Hi Marion,

DOAJ can only import XML.

We “clean” XML that is sent to us to ignore any HTML tagging that is sent to us in the XML. Hope that helps!


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Hi Dominic,

Ok, thank you very much ! It will certainly help !

Have a nice day,

Hello Dominic,

If you do not mind, I would like to ask you again about DOAJ metadata. You mentioned that XML sent to you are cleaned to ignore any HTML tagging. However, for some of our journals, some HTML tags remain in the title. Should I contact the DOAJ team through your contact form to solve the problem, or is it completely normal ? In other words, is it unsolvable for now ? Thus, we will consider to not use in the title anymore.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Marion

I was unclear in my response. Apologies.

I mean that we just escape the HTML so that it appears but it isn’t activated in the text. We don’t strip anything out because, even though DOAJ doesn’t support HTML in abstracts, other services that are downstream of DOAJ may. They may be able to display the HTML tagging correctly.

So, to answer your question, it’s all fine.

Hope that helps!


Oh ok ! So if we write HTML tags in the metadata of a title, they will necessarily display in the title in the DOAJ, aren’t they ? I am sorry if I ask basic questions, I want to be sure I understand well.