Where can I insert DOI in article view?

Some articles of our last issue have DOIs.
Where can I insert this data under “Full Text” space?

Hi @stefanoruster

What OJS version are you using? Do you use the DOI public identifier plugin for the DOI assignment?


Hi bozana,

No, I didn’t use the DOI plugin. I registered each of my DOIs by mEDRA editor, because I feared that the plugin would register all articles…

Hi @stefanoruster

Hmmm… I think then you will have to i.e. you can only enter it in the article full text – There is no other place in the system where you can enter them manually :frowning:
But maybe you would like to consider using the DOI public identifier plugin – it assigns and displays the DOIs in OJS. Then, the DOIs are also provided on some other places, like for example article metadata, via OAI, etc.
There is a separate mEDRA export plugin, that you could also consider to use to register the DOIs at mEDRA, but you do not have to. You can still do it manually, as till now. If you decide to use this export plugin, you can either just export the XML and then manually upload it at mEDRA portal, or register them from within OJS by clicking on a button. (In the latest OJS version, you can also configure a cron job for an automatic registration).


I used the DOI public identifier plugin, and finally DOIs appeared in article view. But it appeared in ALL the articles :frowning:
I thought that I could choose the articles in which enter the DOIs… now, how can I remove all these superflous DOIs? Can I do it by MySql?

Ah OK. Now in Editing Metadata there is a new box:


  • Select this checkbox to clear the existing DOI for this article.
  • Exclude this article from assigning it a DOI.

The problem now is that if I check one of these and save metadata I get this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method ArticleDAO::deletePubId() in /web/htdocs/MYSITE/home/MYISSUE/classes/plugins/PubIdPluginHelper.inc.php on line 118

Hmmm… I am not sure how the plugin works in OJS 2.4.5 – if all the current features are there (e.g. to exclude an article)… But, in any case, you can delete all the DOIs assigned by the plugin using the DOI plugin settings and clicking on the button “Reassign DOIs”.
It seems like your PubIdPluginHelper class is from OJS 2.4.8 – because there is the code line the error is mentioning (and there is no such code line in OJS 2.4.5), but the ArticleDAO seems to be older because it doesn’t have the function :open_mouth:
Hmmm… maybe then to wait till you upgrade to a newer OJS version? In the current OJS version there is this possibility to exclude an article or articles from a whole issues from assigning them a DOI for sure.