Where are DOI and URL in DB?

I am upgrading OJS from a really old version so it is not possible for me to go via OJS upgrade process but I exported the data and imported it to the new version. With this process, file ids have changed so I need to update DOI records.

Sending an update to crossref seems straightforward but for that I need to connect the DOI with the new URL. That also seemed straightforward but I haven’t figured out where publication URLs and DOIs are stored in SQL database.

Any pointers on what tables and columns I should look at on OJS 3.3?

I figure it out. FYI for others who might wonder the same: DOIs are stored in publication_settings
select setting_value,publication_id from publication_settings where setting_name = 'pub-id::doi'

I can figure the URL from pub_id. As I have multiple journals in the database, I can use DOI-prefix to match to DOI to a journal without trying to find that info from the DB.