Where are custom email templates stored in OJS 3.1.2?


I have an OJS 3.1.2 multi-journal installation, having approximately 30 journals and each is public.
Most journals have customised the OJS default email templates either by rewriting content or creating their own additional templates. To complicate matters further, not in one, but in two or three languages.
Now I need to reload language defaults because the default email templates we have currently in the database contain translation errors and I want the right content from the emailtemplates.xml to be imported.
As far as I know, reloading language default means that each journal’s customised email template content will be reset. So basically what the journals have rewritten or modified in their own email templates will be gone.

Is there any way to backup customised email templates? Are those stored somewhere in the database? If so, in which tables?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Just to answer this: See this post by @ctgraham: