When i install ojs in server the - data given for install and when i click on install button the page reloads and stay in the same page with out showing any errors

Pls help.

Recommended system requirements

PHP >= 5.2.0; you are currently using PHP 5.4.16
MySQL >= 4.1 or PostgreSQL >= 9.1.5
Apache >= 1.3.2x or >= 2.0.4x or Microsoft IIS 6
Operating system: Any OS that supports the above software, including Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows

on my server
PHP - 5.4.16
Mysql - mariadb 5.5.52
Apache - 2.4.6
Server - centos

Does this also happen with OJS 3.0.2? This later release has a number of fixes and improvements, including some which help to “reveal” some error messages during install which were otherwise obscured.

u mean should i try ojs 3.0.2?

Yes. It is possible this problem is already resolved in the later version.