When does a one click review link becomes invalid?

Hi all,

in this thread One click review link I’ve learned that a one-click review link becomes invalid, when the response due date has expired (+ 4 additonal days). So, when the due date is November, 14th, the link should work until November, 18th. On November, 19th the reviewer has to login, when he clicks the link. Is this correct?

What about enhancing the due date, before the link becomes invalid or before the due date has expired? Example: The due date is November, 14th. On November, 14th the journal editor enhances the due date for the reviewer to November, 21th. Does that mean, the link works until November, 21th (or November, 25th)? And what happens when a journal editor enhances the due date after the initial due date has expired, e.g. on November, 15th or on November, 20th Will the link stay invalid or it will it become valid again?

I’ve tested several scenarios and can’t quite figure it out, sometimes the link works after the due date has expired sometimes not.

We are using OJS