What to do after editing config.inc.php

I have edited the config file and now not sure how I can get the changes to refresh and show in OJS. In particular I am changing the email server settings. index.php/index/admin/systemInfo still shows pre-edit information.

many thanks in advance.


Hi @rufusbecker,

Changes to config.inc.php should take place immediately; make sure you’re changing the right file, and that you aren’t e.g. leaving sections of the config file accidentally commented out with ; characters.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you, Alec. Very perplexing. I am editing public_html/config.inc.php and the changes are saving. The lines I am editing are not commented out.

I have tried clearing my browser cache and the site’s data cache. No change to …/systemInfo


Never mind - brain fart. Thank you for your indulging me in my stupidity.