What is wrong with the links in only one journal - 3.1.1-4?


Recently I update from 2.4.8-3 to 3.1.1-4 version all the journals except one presents problems in this case the links for the online (pdfs, htmls, xmls) are no show. Why the situation?.


Hi @cridum

it’s difficult to debug without more information. Did you get any errors during the upgrade process? Are the links missing or broken instead? Any messages in your error log?



The subject is the next: I update to the 3.1.1-4 more or less twenty days ago, the difficult is to change the way the people works because the interface is different and the changes for people are not so smooth, last Thursday the things were OK, I put some pluggins active, I suposse the manager of that Journal maybe makes changes and the situation was ON.