What is the best plugin to authenticate users?

Hey guys,

I’m new with OJS and I would like to know what is the best way to authenticate users, maybe with Google email would already help or something like that.


This will largely depend on what authentication methods your users are already using. For example, if you have an institutional LDAP server, this new plugin is a good choice:

If your users are generally part of a Shibboleth federation, see this plugin:

If your users are already familiar with ORCID, there is a plugin to use their ORCID account for authentication:

We do not yet (to my knowledge) have an OpenID plugin for services like Google, Yahoo, etc.

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Hi folks,
We have Active Directory in our corporate LAN and some PHPs frameworks that authenticate thru it. Unless indicated otherwise, I just wonder why Ldap plugin is not packaged any longer nor in dockers ojs ou .zip 3.x. Is there any serious issue towards using OJS with LDAP?
I would like to hear from you and any suggestions we’d be greatly thankful.