What is stopping to see article summary data also in search results?

[Application Version: OJS 3.2.1]

Hi, all mighty Gods of OJS!! :bowing_man: … again coming to you, with another challenge, which I gave up after few days :smiley:

I’ve made some changes in templates\frontend\objects\ article_summary.tpl, that I got additional data and different layout:

<span style="color:grey;font-style:italic">
      {$issueIdentification|escape}, {$article->getPages()|escape}

And this I get under issue (TOC):
(Focus on grey text)

I already figure it out, that search result (templates\frontend\pages\ search.tpl) are sharing above mentioned *.tpl file.

<div class="search_results">
	{iterate from=results item=result}
		{include file="frontend/objects/article_summary.tpl" article=$result.publishedSubmission journal=$result.journal showDatePublished=true hideGalleys=true}

But there (search results page) I can’t get title off issue ($issueIdentification):
(Missing “GEOLOGIJA 61/2 (2018)”)

I know that somehow, I need to pass info about article(s) issue. I tried few things, but always got half blank screen (html generating was stopped when get to the “get me issue”). But on another hand, not sure why I don’t see data if they are seen in included file :thinking:

Anyway… has anyone idea, what is stopping that I don’t see same data on search result page and more important question - have anyone idea how/where/what need to be fixed?

Thx in advance and have a great day, Marko :beer:

Hi @Marko_at_GeoZS

Is this journal in production ? Could you share a URL or a screenshot of what is not working as you would like to?


Hi Israel,

two pics are already above in original post, but I can poste bigger one to be seen better. I can’t share any link as journal is still in development and on local network.

From this pic you see articles under issue:

With green marker I marked the name of issue. And I know that same view is also under Search results. But under Search results page I don’t see issue name (simple missing). As seen on this pic:


Marked with “red/pink”. So, strange for me is, why I don’t see issue name under Search reults page or more important - how can I see it there :slight_smile:

Hope that now is more clear anh thanks for your help.

Cheers, Marko