What is "gs_meta_revision" used for?


I’d like to ask about the meta tag <meta name="gs_meta_revision" content="1.1" /> - when I noticed it in the HTML source code produced by OJS, I thought “cool, this is a versioning for metadata, telling crawlers when metadata changed”. However, now I found that this number is hardcoded in a template file:

In web search results, there are mostly OJS-driven sites coming up, but no documentation on what that tag means. Could anyone give me a hint what it is used for? Thanks!

Hi @ojsbsb,

Google Scholar’s meta tag documentation isn’t complete (as far as I’m aware), but as I recall that’s to identify to Google Scholar that the metadata characteristics provided by OJS are an improved revision of the original Google Scholar support in OJS.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team