What are the features of OJS 3.2.0?

Hello everyone. Can any one tell me features of OJS 3.2.0. I wish to upgrade to latest version of OJS. However, bit afraid to do so as lot many changes need to be made. Is the following working fine or available in OJS 3.2.0

  1. Usage statistics of each article
  2. Repository facility like pln or LOCKKS or CLOCKKS etc

Please anyone advice me about the backups that I need to take before installing latest version. Last time when I had upgraded, all my published manuscripts were gone. I again had to quick submit those manuscript

Thanks a lot

Hi @joapreditor

Maybe this helps: https://pkp.sfu.ca/2020/02/28/ojs-omp-3-2-ops-beta-now-available-for-download/

Regards, PrimoΕΎ

Hello @primozs,

Thanks for the link. I have already installed OJS and using it.