Website problems after updating from to

I just updated our OJS installation to using the web interface/script.
As usually everything went fine. However, the pretty standard website (basically everything is on default values except for oor logo and the color setting) is a bit broken. Our logo is gone although I copied “/public” to the new version. Also the links at the top of the page (Login etc) are now invisible. They are there and clickable, but not visible.
I suspect that some template specifications were messed up during the update but I have no idea where to look for the problem.
Thanks in advance,

Hi @researchtool

The jump from to is quite large, and a lot changed. Did you make sure to clear your Administrative cache after the upgrade?

It also looks like the permissions on a directory are now incorrect. I loaded your journal and inspected web traffic in the console and saw:

Screenshot at 2021-04-14 11-19-16

The permissions on your public folder might be wrong. That’d prevent a bunch of things from working, including images and maybe also custom CSS.


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Hi @jnugent
Thanks for your quick and helpful answer. I didn’t get behind how / at whcih point the style settings got wrong, this was definitely the reason. So thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

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