We are using version of OJS. Issues in some journals

We are using version of OJS. Issues in some journals appear as if they have the same links with pages that were previously received dois and do not operate. Can I learn the reason for this? In the following links, when we click on the link on cover page, it goes to a different cover.



Hi @skanbul

Hmmm… Those two issues, with id = 35 and id = 18, have the same DOI, which should not be – the DOIs must be unique. Apparently this DOI was registered and is resolving to the issue with id 18. Also, there seems to be a mistake with those DOI suffixes, because they both have “v0i0” instead of volume and issue numbers.
I think you will have to correct at least one of those two DOIs and register the new DOI. You can correct the DOI as editor, using the checkbox “Select this checkbox to clear the existing DOI for this issue.” on the “Issue Data” form page and saving the form. This will remove the DOI from the Database so that new DOI, with correct issue data i.e. DOI suffix, can be generated.
It is not good to change a DOI once it is published, because they could already be in use, but… I think you will have no other option here…