Waiting so long ojs2.4.8-2

My server is CentOS7.4, php5.6.37, apache2.4 and OJS 2.4.8-2.

I spent some time optimizing the server, gtmetrix gave a higher score, but loading on page ojs was still very slow
Can give me some detailed suggestions?

Thank you very much, I’m looking forword to your reply.


Hi @boluo21,

There are some suggestions on this topic of things you can do to speed up OJS or figure out why it is slow.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

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What specifically are you concerned with here? Your original screenshot indicates a 779ms total time, which I would hardly identify as “very slow”.

It looks like the gtmatrix recommendations all come back green except for:

  • Use a CDN
  • Make fewer HTTP requests
  • Use cookie-free domains

Do you have particular concerns with any of those items?

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Thanks for Amanda Stevens and Clinton Graham’s help.

I find the enable_minified is turned on in config.inc.php by default.
Later I found that loading jquery took a lot of time. like fig. in below:
May be the reason for my server network service provider, and later I closed cdn in below
; Allow javascript files to be served through a content delivery network (set to off to use local files)
enable_cdn = Off

It’s amazing, my ojs web become fast like google!
On json

Off openning /lib/pkp/js/lib/jquery/plugins/jqueryUi.min.js

But I do not know what will happen in the future, I hope there will be no bugs.

Thank you very much again and again!