Visibility of email addresses on notifications?

I am new to OJS so apologies if this is an easy question., but I have not been able to resolve it so far.
We use OJS 3.1 and have found that when editors send a notification to authors, they cannot edit (or even see) the email address to which the notification will be issued. This means they do not have a chance to catch any errors arising if the author’s address is wrong (for example if the author has updated their user account email address after the article metadata was created, and the notification goes to the old obsolete address stored in the metadata, then the notification never reaches the author). Is there any way to give the editor visibility of the email “to:” address, and ideally the ability to overwrite it with correct address if they know it’s wrong?
Thank you very much for any information!
James Rice

Hi @James_Rice,

So far as I can tell, there is not this capability in OJS yet. However, it has been identified as a feature request here: Show Email Address of Reviewers when sending request · Issue #6580 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub - although, this is geared towards reviewers. You may want to weigh in on the issue there and mention that you’d like to see it for other roles (i.e. authors).

PKP team

Hi @rcgillis

Thank you for your helpful response!


James Rice