Views count doesn't work after moving the ojs to another sever

Hi,my dear,
The version of ojs2.4.8 that I used,the views count is normal when I used it on the local server, DO5D4~~T4WM%4069FL4%7DBAXAU
but when I move the entire system installation to the cloud server, the abstract views and PDF views of the new article I imported always are 0, and journal views also doesn’t change.
How to solve this problem?
please help me,

I have the same problem in a hosted ojs server. Some one told me counter increased only when downloads are from different IP address . However I checked with different IP addresses, and it dit not increase either. So I would be very interested in the answer. The stable counter gives the impression that no one is loading the pdf or reading the abstracts whereas I know it does. Thank you in advance.

Hi,@cverger,not only that, the metrics table in my database does not have the most recent browsing abstract and PDF data, which means that the actions after the launch are invalid,In addition, I have another question, that is, how to express the download amount of PDF, can you give me the specific code, I will be very grateful.

Sorry I cannot give you the specific code, it would have been with pleasure but it’s not me who wrote it, i am beginner and do not know where is this code. Sorry about that. My journal which shows the abstract counts et pdf downlod is there :

which database uses (version). To find the possible problem I recommend looking for errors in.

  • check the database log
  • check php log
  • check folder permissions
  • the version of the vieo server database is the same as the current one
  • the php version of the old server is the same as the current one
  • the apache version of the old server is the same as the current one
  • etc

Sorry, they found some solution to this problem because apparently I have the same problem, I use ojs and since February my table of metrics stopped loading data and my statistics are not working