Viewing XML JATS on OJS 3

Hi All

Playing with OJS 3 and looks very nice indeed. I had experience with OJS 2 in the past and worked on it extensively till I go to work it pretty good (CrossRef DOI, XML article display, Altmetric, etc… the whole thing!)

I have not touched OJS for the past 2 years now so I pretty much forgot everything :frowning:

Anyway, the question: I have articles in PDF and XML JATS format. For the PDF that is no an issue I use the good old Quicksbmit.

For the XML part I simply cannot recall what I did a couple of years to make it work! I searched the forum but I cannot find a step by step process on how/ where to load the XML and how I can make it render in HTML for end user.

Appreciate any help (no e-Lens viewer…)


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I am not sure what you did with OJS2, but in OJS3 I have been working on this: GitHub - ajnyga/embedGalley: OJS3 plugin for visualizing JATS XML galleys

With that plugin you can simply upload a JATS XML as a galley and it will show it as html on the abstract page. It is a work-in-progress plugin, lot’s of cleaning todo. I will get back to it later this week.

Thanks for this!!
Now I just need to understand how to “upload” this plug in on OJS 3… Subtle hint to help :slight_smile:

Well I was talking with PKP’s developer that this could be available in the Plugin Gallery. But only after I have finished working with it and they have checked the code. So maybe by the end of this month?

But if you want to testi it right away, you should download it from Github as a ZIP => unizip => rename embedGalley-master to embedGalley => upload the plugin to plugins/generic/ folder in your OJS installation. After that you should be able to enable it in Settings => Website => Plugins. The plugin is automatic, it will check if a XML galley is available.

But do note that this is not a ready plugin yet.


Thanks for this!
Will wait for this to be realeased hopefully soon!


Is there a plugin of this type for 3.1.1?


You can use Old Gregg theme with embedded JATS to XML converter: GitHub - Vitaliy-1/oldGregg: Theme for OJS 3 with Bootstrap 4

I’m thinking about making the separate plugin that can be used with any theme in the future.

Thanks @Vitaliy .


Pd: @Agustin_Longoni this includes xml