Viewing pdf on portable devices

I am aware of the difficulties on portable devices (tablets, smartphones), to display certain contents.
I give instructions to the users of those devices that want to view pdf files to select the “Download pdf file” option instead of “Fullscreen”.
I wonder if there is another option.


Hi @peppermit,

I presume you’re asking about OJS. Are you using the PDF.js plugin? If you’re not, consider enabling it; it provides a Fullscreen button that should behave reasonably well on portable devices. Otherwise, yes, your best option for now is to recommend downloading.

OJS 3.0 will be much more responsive, but PDFs will always be PDFs and I wouldn’t be surprised if users continued to have the best experience by downloading the PDF and opening it in a dedicated PDF reading application on their mobile device.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec,
Thanks for your kind response. Indeed, OJS version 2.4.8 (sorry for not specify in my post.)
No, I’m not using PDF.js, but as I am totally novice in OJS I think I prefer to wait and see how version 3.0 handles .PDF