View and download stats for deleted article in OJS 2.4.8

Hi there,
We are still on OJS 2.4.8.
Following a takedown request, I removed an article from an issue and deleted the files. Now they want to know how many times it was viewed and downloaded before the take down, but the stats report no longer shows the article.
Is there a way I can get the stats?
Regards, Susan

Hi @astevens,
I haven’t had any response from posting this query - is there any way I can retrieve stats for an article that is no longer available on the platform?

Hi @susanm,

I imagine that the usage statistics for that article would still be available in the log files on your server, for the period that it was published. So I would check there. Our documentation on statistics in OJS does not explain how to do this step-by-step, but you may still find some useful information there about how to find the files: Statistics

Good luck,
Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team