Variables not completed in ORCID validation email

Hello, we use the ORCID validation email sent to all co-authors.
I noticed that the variable {$submissionId} and {$editorialContactSignature} are not populated with the submission number and editorial contact name when the letter is sent out.
Is there a reason as to why ? As a note, the manuscript title ( {$submissionTitle}) and journal full name ( {$contextName}) are pulled into the letter correctly.
We are on OJS
Thanks for any help!


@lsteele do you have a customized email template ?
and is it possible to see an email without enclosing the privacy of the co-authors?

Dear Dulip, I am sorry for this long delay in replying. Following this thread, I attach a sample letter. This is an article at submission stage, so theoretically it should be populated with the article ID. I have hidden the article title which was populated correctly.
If you have any suggestions, it would be great, because it just gives a very shoddy handling of author communication.
Orcid lac