Using OJS3, It's possible to show the Supplementary Files in browser instead of download them?

Hello everyone,
using OJS 3.3.0-8, when you click on a link of a ‘Supplementary File’, of a published article, it’s possible to show them if they are images (like jpg or png etc) instead of being redirected to the dowload link?
(I’m talking about the links that are displayed on the public page of the article)

Thanks for the help

Hi @sourcedump,

I don’t think so. The default is to download these materials, but that might depend on your browser as well. You’d have to customize the code and implement some type of viewer (in the case of images), in order to display the images, and this would be rather involved.

The only way I’ve seen this done is through displaying the material through an HTML galley, but that’s a bit more involved and kind of different.

PKP Team

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Thanks for the explanation @rcgillis .

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