Using ojs and worddpress together

I know it’s been discussed before but I’m wondering if something like this is possible?
I have a personal wordpress blog (kanser) . I will install both wordpress and OJS on the domain. Like Cureus, I want to publish both academic publications and personal posts at the same time.

Question 1: How can I import OJS into to wordpress?
Question 2: Do indexes like Doaj and WOS cause problems?
Question 3: Will the scientific journal class be damaged?

Hi @yakup,

Question 1: there is no easy way to do this. OJS doesn’t have a utility for exporting to a form for Wordpress - you’d have to do this manually or develop a customized process.

Question 2: Can you clarify this - do you mean can DOAJ and WOS accept journals that use Wordpress?

Question 3: Again, it’s not clear what you mean by this - can you clarify?

PKP Team

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