userSession empty or null on OJS 2 after removing sidebar blocks

Sorry, i’m newbie and i’m stack,
userSession return null after removing sidebar blocks from Setup > The Look.
so everytime i logged in, ojs give me blank page.

help me please…

Hi @noorelbahr

You are using OJS 2.4.8-2? And you deleted all sidebars i.e. moved them into the middle column in the Setup > The Look, correct?

How do you know that the userSession is null?
Did you take a look in your error log files, to see if any error occurs?


Yes i’m, i used userSession to show image and name of current user on common header, and after moving sidebar blocks into the middle, the header gone.

No i didn’t, i used {$userSession|@debug_print_var} to print userSession, and showed me null.

Now, i fixed the problem by restoring user block into the right sidebar, userSession can’t be used without it.

BTW, thank you for your response @bozana :wink: