Users XML plugin - published or only submitted authors?


Could anyone tell me if, when hitting “Export Users” in the image below (i.e., when “Author” has been selected), this would produce a list of all authors who have ever submitted to the journal or only authors published by the journal?

Any help would be great!

Many thanks,


This will be the users who have registered with the Author role, whether they have submitted, published, or taken no action other than registering with the Journal.

See User Home → Journal Manager → (Roles) → Authors for the list, or the Registration form for an example of where this role is selected.

That’s great. Thanks Clinton.

Do you know, then, if it is possible to query an OJS database to find out all the authors (names and emails) who have published for each journal?

Ultimately we would like to build a list for each of our journals of authors who have been published by us since 1 Jan, 2013.



Article author information is slightly disconnected from users registered as authors. Articles may have authors who are not registered users, and authorship is fixed at the time of publication, while registered user information will regularly change. Thus, article authors are stored in the database table authors. This includes columns of first_name, middle_name, and last_name. This table is tied to the articles table where author.submission_id is article.article_id. The article table also links to the actual registered author via user_id. In the article table, you’ll find the status to filter to only published articles. You’ll need to link from articles to published_articles to find the date published. The article publication date (published_articles.date_published) and the issue publication date (issues.date_published) may differ, depending on your workflow and configuration.