Users with 2 (or more) email addresses


I try to register users with 2 (or more) email addresses. Even though i separated the email addresses with semicolons or commas, I unfortunately have no success… .
Is there any possibility to register a second email address to one user?


Hi @ralf,

No, that is not possible.

Regards, Primož

Dear primozs,

thank you very much for clearing this up!
Would perhaps be nice to have it in the next version.

Thanks and regards,

What would be your expected function of the second, third, etc. email address within the application? Would any email sent to the user go to all email addresses every time? Would the sender be required to select from the available addresses? Would the user denote a primary? Would additional email addresses be informational only, and unused in emailing?

Dear ctgraham,
the email should be send to all email adresse every time.
We mangaged another journal for many years and were often asked by the authors and reviewers to please add a second email address. Sometimes they have a private and an office email address and are not able to check e.g. the office emails when they are in holidays.
When they receive a request to review another paper or a request to make some changes to their own paper, they sometime have to react very fast and are happy to receive the email also on their private email account.


Ok. Makes sense.

If you have any code experience, or beer to share with someone who has code experience, this could implemented as a plugin which hooks userdao::getAdditionalFieldNames to add a new field in the model, TemplateManager::display to expose the field, and Mail::send to call addCc() to add that data as a new carbon copy.

Dear ctgraham

thank you very much for your help!!!
I will send the code to our site administrator.