Users can't access the content thru DOI link

We use OJS3.3.0.3. We have assigned DOI numbers to our articles for the first time. We are members of CrossRef. First set of DOIs were assigned 5 days back, and the second set of DOI were assigned yesterday (as we released 2 issues on these days). (see the two screenshots). The visitors to our website can’t access the content through DOI link.

When i press ‘Deposit’ in CrossRef XML Tool, it shown “Registration was not successful! The DOI registration server returned an error: ‘No response from server.’.”

How to solve this problem?

Screenshot (2103)
Screenshot (2104)

Hi @zhao

Since you didn’t mention a registration plugin, it sounds like you’re only doing half of the steps. In order for a DOI to work, it has to be registered with a DOI registration agency. The two most common are Crossref and Datacite. OJS can assign DOIs, but unless they’re registered they will not work.

Please see: DOI Registration in our Documentation hub for more information.