Username not showing in dashboard

In OJS dashboard the username is not shown in the upper right corner (image 1) neither right of the user circle icon nor in the dropdown menu.

Again in the OJS dashboard (image 2) when the main user (admin) logs in as another user (anotheruser) the username is not shown in the upper right corner but the a new little user circle icon appears and in the dropdown menu there is a message telling you that you are logged in as “anotheruser”. This message doesn’t show the username “admin” but shows an uninitialized varialbe {$username}

In the journal view the “admin” username (image 3) and the “anotheruser” (image 4) are shown.

We are using OJS version 3.3.0-8.

I’m not sure wheter this is a bug or it must be requested as a new feature. I’ve posted it as an issue in github

In a screenshot on the OJS Documentation one can see in upper right corner a username “dbarnes” shown (image 5)

Images 1-4

image 5

Hi @me-kell ,

Maybe just the translation is wrong. Can you try with English UI language?

Regards, Primož

@primozs Neither the english UI shows the username at the right of the user circle icon. (see images below)

But … The variable problem of the user “logged in as” seems to show only in the german version.

Nonetheless, what I’m interested in is how to show the username right of the user circle icon like in the 3.2.x? version.


Hi @me-kell ,

A, OK, now I got it. As I understand that has been changed and the username is not available there anymore. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to implement it to get it there again, sorry. Maybe some developers can give you a hint.

Regards, Primož

Yes. It appears to have been changed.

But the username is obviously generated to the UI under div.pkpDropdown.app__headerAction.app__userNav button.pkpButton span.-screenReader which in turn is positioned 2000px to the left of the user circle icon via css:

.-screenReader {
  clip: rect(1px,1px,1px,1px);
  position: absolute !important; // <---
  left: -2000px;

For the time beeing my workaround is

div.pkpDropdown.app__headerAction.app__userNav button.pkpButton span.-screenReader {
    position: unset !important;

For more details see my post in github.

Any chance to get back the username displayed as in the previous version?

I very much second this request (already upvoted). As site and journal manager with several identities of different granularity of access rights, it is very annoying that I cannot see with one glance which identity I am currently using but only find out when I am not allowed to do certain things.

Please consider commenting on (user name and task name not showing in dashboard · Issue #8003 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub)

For those like me want to see the username showing in the dashboard:

Some Browsers, e.g. Firefox allow to locally override the css (for one site or for all sites). See for instance How can I override the CSS of a site in Firefox with userContent.css? There is also a similar way for Chrome which I haven’t tested yet see here.

For Firefox

  1. Create a directory chrome in your firefox profile directory (in Windows usually C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\#####). You can see the actual profile directory via about:support in Firefox.

  2. Create a file userContent.css in the new created chrome directory with following content (don’t forget to replace “” with your domain!):

@-moz-document domain( {
    div.pkpDropdown.app__headerAction.app__userNav button.pkpButton span.-screenReader {
        position: unset !important;
  1. In Firefox visit about:config and change the setting toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets to true

  2. Restart Firefox, visit your OJS-URL and … voilà


If you have access to the OJS system.

Simply add the following css-snippet to styles/build.css under your ojs folder (usually /var/www/ojs):

    div.pkpDropdown.app__headerAction.app__userNav button.pkpButton span.-screenReader {
        position: unset !important;

e.g. with:

$ echo "div.pkpDropdown.app__headerAction.app__userNav button.pkpButton span.-screenReader { position: unset "'!'"important;}" | sudo tee -a styles/build.css

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