User Grid Settings

Hi, I am using OJS 3.1. In this journal the users grid appears in one page (this was configurated by a previous admin). Some days ago the list doesn’t show up. Database is functioning, beside there is no problem to log in.

Where I can find the code line related to grid displaying or was it made with a plugin?



Sorry, I didn’t understand, are you talking about users’ list in the Users & Roles page? This one:

If it’s that page, did you mean that it was shown in a single very long page or in another custom way, like a crazy single column?

In the first case, you can try to edit the number in Settings>Appearance>Lists. It suggests how many lines are shown per page. Maybe it doesn’t work just because it’s too slow to show the entire database.

You get it right, man! I could fixed it with lists number.

Thank you!

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